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Golf Ball Cake Balls


Perfect for a retirement party of birthday party for the golf lover. Each cake balls is in the shape of a golf ball and about the same size too. A sleeve of 3 for $6, 25 for $35 or 50 […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries 2

Chocolate covered strawberries…yum! Over one full pound of fresh strawberries and creamy chocolate on a large platter. LOCAL ORDERS ONLY.

$20.00 BUY NOW

Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleigh

Candy Sleighs are a cute gift for the kids or kid at heart. After all, it contains chocolate, and plenty of it, weighing about a pound total!  

$5.50 BUY NOW
candy apple

$7.50 each or 2 for $14.00 with $1.00 per apple donated to the American Cancer Society.    

$7.50 BUY NOW

Bunny Butts


These adorable Easter-themed bunny butts are available for a limited time only. Purchase one for $1.50, a package of three for $3.75, a package of eight for $10.00 and a package of fifteen for $15.00.  

$1.50 BUY NOW

Easter Apples

easter apple together

Easter apples are $6.50 each. Each apple weighs over a pound!

$6.50 BUY NOW

Caramel Apples


All of our caramel apples start with fresh granny smith apples, with a bamboo stick, and generously coated with creamy caramel. Then topped with several different toppings. Each apple is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and ribbon. These apples […]

$6.50 BUY NOW

Hot Chocolate Pops


Chocolate (with or without mint) hardened over a marshmallow on a spoon.  You stir them into hot milk and make the most creamy, delicious hot chocolate ever. Comes all wrapped up with instructions.  

$3.50 BUY NOW

Cake Balls

cake balls copy

Cake balls are made of cake, frosting, and chocolate. They come in small, large, and batch quantities. You can select from chocolate, german chocolate, birthday, lemon, and pink lemonade cake.

Pretzel Rods

1212100131 copy

2 pretzels come in a bag dipped in chocolate.

$2.50 BUY NOW