Corning Sweets

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 Cake Balls

Cake balls are made of cake, frosting, and chocolate. They come in small,

large, and batch quantities. $8.00

cake balls copy

Small: 4 of one flavor and 5 of another flavor

Large: 8 of one flavor and 8 of another flavor

Batch: 50 of one flavor


Pretzel Rods

2 pretzels come in a bag dipped in chocolate. $2.50

1212100131 copy

2 pretzels come in a bag dipped in chocolate


Triple Sweets

A muffin size treat made with chocolate chip cookie batter on the bottom, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the middle, and brownie batter on top. $2.50

tripple sweets

One for $2.50

Box of 4


 Chocolate Sampler Box

There are gift boxes available that consist of a bag of 2 chocolate covered pretzel rods, a chocolate covered marshmallow pop, a rice krispy treat pop, a bag of 2 chocolate covered Oreos and a handful of assorted salt water taffy for $10.00.

Or a mini version of the above minus the chocolate pretzel rods for $5.00

Chocolate sampler box pic

Mixture of a variety of sweets



Candy bark in a variety of flavors. Choose a mixed box of 2 different flavors – $3.75


Candy bark in a box


Hot Chocolate Pops (with or without mint)

Chocolate (with or without mint) hardened over a marshmallow on a spoon.  You stir them into hot milk and make the most creamy, delicious hot chocolate ever. Comes all wrapped up with instructions. $3.50 each.





Price: $3.50


Caramel Apples

All of our caramel apples start with fresh granny smith apples, with a bamboo stick, and generously coated with creamy caramel. Then topped with several different toppings, please chose below. Each apple is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and ribbon. These apples are made fresh for each order. Minimum purchase is any 4 apples. Each apple weighs OVER 1lbs!

unnamed1 Caramel Apple 7     Caramel Apple 9unnamed3

Price: $6.50






Bunny Butts

These adorable Easter-themed bunny butts are available for a limited time only. Purchase one for $1.50, a package of three for $3.75, a package of eight for $10.00 and a package of fifteen for $15.00.










Price: $1.50


Easter Apples

These delicious apples are available for a limited time only. $6.50 each.

Easter Apples Easter Apples 2











Price: $6.50


Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Candy Apples

$7.50 each or 2 for $14.00 with $1.00 per apple donated to the American Cancer Society. Each candy apple made with delicious granny smith apples.

candy apple







Price: $7.50


Candy Sleighs

Candy Sleighs are a cute gift for the kids or kid at heart. After all, it contains chocolate, and plenty of it, weighing about a pound total! $5.50 each.

Candy Sleigh

Price: $5.50








Cake Balls + Strawberries + Caramel Apple

A big box of chocolate covered strawberries with about 9-10 strawberries (depending on size) AND a box of 9 cake balls (strawberry, birthday, lemon, German chocolate, carrot cake, and chocolate) with a red ribbon wrapped around both for $15.00. Add a caramel apple for a total of $20.00

choco1 Choco2











Cake Balls + chocolate covered strawberries

Price: $15.00


Cake balls + chocolate covered strawberries + caramel apple

Price: $20.00




Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Over one full pound of fresh strawberries and creamy chocolate on a large platter. LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries








Golf Ball Cake Balls

Perfect for a retirement party of birthday party for the golf lover. Each cake balls is in the shape of a golf ball and about the same size too. The birthday sprinkle cake inside is moist andthe chocolate on the outside has the golf ball divots. A sleeve of 3 balls for $6, 25 balls for $35 or 50 balls for $60.

Price: $6.00



Golf balls cake balls 3 sleeve pic



Mother’s Day Package

A Caramel Apple – “Apple Pie” flavor (Granny Smith apple covered in Caramel, White Chocolate, Cinnamon and Sugar)

A Variety Package of 6 Cake Balls (cake, frosting, chocolate)                                                        

A Package of 4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

All three wrapped together with ribbons for $20.00.

Mother's Day pic 1 Mother's Day pic 2 Mother's Day pic 3

Price: $20.00